I’m a statistician living in the Upstate SC area (Greenville/Spartanburg) with an interest in Bayesian methodology, machine learning, and open data. For my day job, I design and analyze clinical trials, with an emphasis in oncology and neurology. I also step out and do consulting work on an ad hoc basis. Finally, I participate in the Upstate Data Science and Analytics meetup.


This blog is designed to supplement my blog over at Realizations in Biostatistics. This part is geared more toward data analysis, basically because I can write my blog posts in R Markdown and push them to a Github-hosted site. Blogger doesn’t make that very easy.

If you want to create a blog on Github (you get one personal site for free), look here. To use RStudio to blog on Github, look here.

The Upstate Data Science and Analytics group meets (mostly) monthly.

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